TAKE ACTION: Save Our Pensions

TO: Local presidents
FROM: Wendell Steinhauer
RE: Save our pensions!

Just a few minutes ago, I sent the email below to all NJEA members, asking them to take action to protect our pensions from Chris Christie’s latest illegal attack.

Now, I need your help. Please reach out to your members personally. Urge them to go to the Take Action pageand submit their letter. We need a strong, unified response to this reckless attack on our members’ futures.

Keep watching your email and I’ll keep you posted on the progress of both NJEA’s new pension lawsuit and all other actions we are taking to protect our members’ pensions.

Thanks for your leadership on this important issue.


Dear NJEA Member 

If you are as angry as I am about Chris Christie’s illegal plan to slash pension funding, then I know you want to take action. 

NJEA is already in the process of preparing a lawsuit on your behalf, and it will be filed as soon as possible. 

But there is something else you can do. Please take a moment to visit our Take Action page, where you can write a letter to the Board of Trustees of your pension fund demanding that they also sue to protect your interests. 

It only takes a couple minutes, but it makes a big difference. Your letter helps us send a strong message that we will use every tool we have to fight this illegal attack on our pensions! 

Thanks in advance, 


PS Keep checking your email for more information about how you can be part of NJEA’s pension protection fight.



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