PRIDE Grants

PRIDE in Our Schools



Teresa Rose


What is PRIDE and how is it connected to RPEA?

Since 1994, NJEA has conducted the PRIDE in Public Education campaign, a statewide effort to share the successes of public education with all New Jerseyans and build strong community support for and involvement in our public schools.

As part of its campaign, NJEA provides grants to its local/county affiliates for projects that bring the public schools out into the community and the community into the public schools. Each year there are hundreds of local PRIDE projects conducted by NJEA members.

Due to our current political climate and the necessity to fund highly effective projects as well as have more local associations participate, we cannot guarantee that your level of funding or types of activities from previous years can be funded.



How do I apply for a PRIDE Grant?

Proposal packets are accepted by NJEA every year as long as funds are available. If you have any suggestions for PRIDE activities, please contact the above mentioned PRIDE Rep.  There is a form with important information that must be filled out  and provided to the PRIDE rep before it can be submitted to the NJEA.

Some points to remember:

  • You must have the activity completely planned out in order to apply, including answering fairly specifically the who, what, where, when, why, and how of it all.
  • Grants must be applied for by June in order to be approved for the following school year.
  • Once a grant is received, it must be reapplied for every year or else the monies will be lost.
  • Grants must be used on activities that involve students AND community members
  • All receipts must be turned in during the month in which the activity was done
  • There are limitations on what can be purchased and from where, but the PRIDE rep is always willing to help with these matters!